The Fine Fragrances Boutique

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The Culmination

Our passion for promoting and sharing knowledge about use of fragrance ingredients has culminated to the launch of The Fine Fragrances Boutique, a dedicated space designed for exploring our exclusive range of high quality aroma ingredients- both; synthetic and natural from the leading manufacturers.


At The Fine Fragrances Boutique, under the guidance of an experienced sales team and technical support from a trained perfumer, visitors can sniff and learn about the use of more than 150 quality synthetic aroma ingredients and over a 100 natural ingredients comprising of absolutes, essential oils and extracts for use in both perfumery and flavour blends.

As Authorised Distributors for Ingredients from International Flavors and Fragrances Inc

( IFF ) for over 17 years we offer the largest range of IFF Speciality Ingredients in India. Recently, we have added key molecules of Aromor, Israel (which is now a part of IFF) to our stocks. We also exclusively stock the IFF 's (LMR) range of 100 % pure and natural perfumery and flavor Ingredients in India.  

We are sole distributors for Symrise for Linalool, Linalyl Acetate and Geraniol in India since 2012.

The Mission

The mission of the Fine Fragrances Boutique is to encourage our customers, perfumers, and hobbyist to explore our exclusive range of top quality Fragrance and Flavor Ingredients, to experience their odor profiles in accords and receive technical support to express the same in their own creations.